Who will be on the tonight show tonight?

Answer Oprah has been raped by her mothers friends. (her mothers friends were men.)

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Will liability cover if you hit a deer?

If you hit a deer, coverage is found in your auto policy in the "Other than collision" or comprehensive coverage section for damage to your covered auto.Liability is available only for third partie... Read More »

What herbs will deer eat?

they haven't touched my rosemary plants

Will Deer Eat My Grape Vines?

All deer are browsing opportunists. They will eat whatever is available including young tender grapes -- vines, leaves and fruit. Unless a permanent fence is in place to keep the deer away, the var... Read More »

Will Deer Eat Kennebeck Potato Plants?

You can be reasonably assured that deer will not destroy your Kennebeck plants. Deer will eat Kennebeck potato plants, but they do not often do so. Even if deer do browse your potato plants, they a... Read More »