Will I ruin my mouse?

Answer Mouse pads were used for better traction for the rolling ball in the older mice. Since your new imac came with an optical mouse there is no need for mouse pads anymore.

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Will peanut butter be a good source to put on a mouse trap to catch a mouse?

yes, but put the trap into an old shoebox (cardboard with a hole cut in the side) or a empty tissue box. That way, you dont have to touch it. just throw the whole thing away.

If you use a mouse with a ball on a desk surface without a mousepad, will it damage the mouse?

No. Mouse mats are only needed to increase the friction between the mouse ball and the desk to make them operate more effectively. What your doing will not ruin the mouse.Hope this Helps!

Is a laser mouse or Optical better and will I still have to use a mouse pad with both of them.?

According to a review done by CNET, neither one is really better unless you are a gamer or graphical artist. In that case, you would be better to go with a laser.Here is what they say:"Neither is r... Read More »

Will it ruin my bravia?

On my Sony Bravia i have the contrast setting quite low.Still going good after 4 years of having it