Will I pass out or die if I take more than 20 pills (200mg each) of IB profen?

Answer I doubt you'd die...but you most likely will have one hell of an upset stomach!

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How many pills make you pass out?

renal failure has to be the slowest most painful way to try to kill yourself that i can think of . it will take over a week of ever greater pain before she goes into the coma , and a few more days... Read More »

How can i pass a cocaine drug test in 48hrs successfully, w/o detox drinks or pills. I know i screwed up but ?

You shouldn't use any drugs a month before taking a drug test. If you had, DON'T try to mix the urine with other substances because they'll see it on the lab test. In my source you can read a good ... Read More »

I need to pass a drug test where can i find pills that will do that in 2 days the drug is pot?

There is a product called Health Tech that has a 200% money back guarantee. You could attempt to find this at your local health food store. Also, system cleansers are commonplace behind the count... Read More »

Is 200mg of caffeine too much?

I think we are taking the same pills, lol.It all depends on the individual. For me, I already had a tolerance for caffeine because I use to drink coke and coffee almost everyday. The pills are mu... Read More »