Will I need to have a digital TV after the switchover?

Answer You can relax, there's no need to worry. Your freeview box is already digital, so you're fine as you are. When your area fully switches over from analogue to digital, you'll lose your five main c... Read More »

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What do you do when you have an old TV in the digital switchover?

You need a converter box connected to your own antenna or subscribe to cable or a satellite service.

Help!!!Digital Switchover Problem?

Get someone else to retune for you while you are away. Or take your recorder to a local friends house and let them do the retune and make the recordings there, then go fetch the recorder when you a... Read More »

So here's a question about the digital TV switchover in the UK?

Nope, you're not missing anything. That's what I'm doing.The digital hype thing is just the government making sure we are spending lots of money to bolster the failing economy.Given the recent deva... Read More »

Digital switchover-will that mean we cant use our normal radios?

It's intended that the FM band will shut down some time this century, but no date's been set yet. We're waiting for radio manufacturers to come up with portable DAB radios that don't kill the batt... Read More »