Will I need a tv if a tech is coming to hook up a cable box?

Answer No. The tech will have test equipment for checking the signal, which would be used whether you had a TV or not, and will probably have a test set (TV) on his truck

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What cable do i need to hook up my comp to my tv(10pts)?

Look on your tv if it has a vga port you can use that you just need to use a vga cable from your pc to your tv. Also if your pc has a hdmi port you can use that as well.

What Type of Cable Do I Need to Hook From a Computer to a TV?

If you are able to hook up your computer to your television monitor, you can open yourself up to a whole world of programming. For many people, cable or satellite television is simply not affordabl... Read More »

What cable/adapter do i need to buy to hook my macbook up to my HDTV?

You have to go back to the place you bought the Mac from or to the Apple store. You're going to need an adaptor (that I doubt the other place sells). You need to get a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Ada... Read More »

What kind of cable do I need to hook an HP 8150 to my computer?

The HP LaserJet 8150 uses a bidirectional parallel printer cable to connect to a computer. The LaserJet 8150 also includes a network adapter allowing you to connect it to a server or other network ... Read More »