Ok my boyfriend of like 1 week asked me to marry him and i said yes is that a mistake?

Answer LOL wow, so the sex is that good, huh?Please talk to your parent/s about this.

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If you're 15 and pregnant can you marry your 20-year-old boyfriend before the baby is born without him getting in trouble?

Answer If a health care provider knows the father of the baby is 20 and your 15 they are legally obligated to tell the police. Answer It varies from state to state, often (but not always) you can m... Read More »

Hollyoaks: Will Texas marry Will?

Where can a pregnant 17-year-old go to marry her 18-year-old boyfriend?

%REPLIES% Answer You can get married in most states as a 17 year old, but in every location you'll need parental consent.Here's a list from ... Read More »

Who will spongebob marry?

sandy because she loves spongebob