Will I lose weight by eating less and small..?

Answer Hey:)Honestly as an anorexic I wouldn't advice eating as less as you are.. I started off that way and ended up here, I ovbiously hope and understand you don't intend to end up with an eating disord... Read More »

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How much weight can you lose from eating less salt?

Weight loss associated with lower salt intake is from lower levels of water retention in the body. Salt causes the body to retain more water. By lowering your salt intake, you can lose up to five p... Read More »

I if eat 500 calories or less a day will i lose weight?

yeh you willbut drink lots of water too and exercise!

Will I lose weight eating 1400 calories a day?

No you won't gain any. Your so young you could eat a lot more than that and not gain.

Will I lose weight by eating strictly healthy and exercising on cross trainer?

Losing weight is not a task that is based on a single factor and several factors play their respective roles in this. Eating less is not a solution to lose weight, but eating right is needed. There... Read More »