Will I look older with whispy side swept bangs or a full fringe?

Answer whispy

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How to Cut Side Swept Bangs With Scissors?

Side bangs can compliment all sorts of different hairstyles, from classic bobs to edgier pixie cuts. While you can pay to have a professional cut your bangs for you, the truth is that the process i... Read More »

How long do you think the "side swept bangs" hair style will stick around?

I've had my bangs like that for years and I still see people with there's like that too. I don't think they'll ever go out of style.Even if it did, I'd still keep mines the way they are. I don't ca... Read More »

Hairstyles for Teens with Side-Swept Bangs?

Side-swept bangs are good for teen girls who are growing their hair out and are a stylish option for boys, too. You can create this bang style by parting the front of your hair on the side of your ... Read More »

How to Do Side-Swept Bangs for Girls With Curly Hair at Home?

Side-swept bangs can make your face look longer, which is the perfect complement for women with round faces. If you have naturally curly hair, you may find that creating the side-swept look is a li... Read More »