Will I have to get a new Tv in 09?

Answer No. You can get a converter box to recieve the digital signal on your current TV.At Midnight on February 17, 2009 all full power TV stations will switch off the analog signal in the US and switch t... Read More »

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If you have no insurance now but will have coverage this fall will you be able to add family coverage if your wife gets pregnant now?

Answer This sounds like a question I was emailed directly. Here's more detail on the question and the answer...I currently do not have health insurance. My wife wants to conceive a baby during thi... Read More »

If I have an EFC of $0 and my tuition will cost $20,000, will I have to pay anything?

Probably, it depends on if you get any scholarships. Your EFC number is not the amount of money you have to actually pay the school. This varies greatly depending on the cost of the school. Even... Read More »

If i do have a warrant for not paying a ticket will have have a problem flying from canada to france?

If i already have norton internet security and scan thingy will i have to delete it if i have avg?

You should only ever use one anti-virus at a time since they can conflict with each other. Un-install one and use the other, although I wouldn't recommend either of the ones you have stated since t... Read More »