How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School in One Month?

Answer Are you in middle school? Do you want a boyfriend?? Well if you want one fast then here is some advice for you.

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What should you do if you're 17 and moving to Florida in a month and you just found out you're pregnant and should you tell your boyfriend?

17, Pregnant, & moving to Florida Talk your Mom & Dad...let them know what is going on. Then talk to the father of you child and if he is 17 like you, have you parents talk to with his. You may no... Read More »

You have missed your period this month and your boyfriend has fingered you does this mean you're pregnant?

cant get pregnant from a fingerno probably not. in order for you to be pregnant your boyfriend and you have to have sexual intercourse mainly by which he ejaculates during. If you are worried thoug... Read More »

4/20 is my boyfriend and I's 3 month anaversery and im cooking him dinner... what should i cook?

A healthy salad ribeye steaks and baked potato's.

My boyfriend has a son with his ex but she won't let him see him what can he do to try to get some visitation rightsThe court orders says he can have him every 1st3rd5th weekend of the month.?

Answer He needs to go to the police with the court order and ask that a unit go with him to the home of the ex, with paperwork. Knock on the door and tell her she is going to be arrested for viola... Read More »