Will I get them soon, girls?

Answer They may never get bigger, but seeing as you're a late developer (which is completely fine) then your boobs may just come a little later too. They'll probably get bigger over the next year and then... Read More »

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College room mate: Is it bad that i sleep in my underwear.Will i get made fun of and do girls care about them?

Im 13 and getting braces soon, but i dont want them!!!!?

Believe me it is worth suffering a year or two in order to have perfect teeth for the rest of your life, you will not regret having them after they are over and done with.

Do people get tan/darker as soon as sunlight is exposed to them?

it depends on your skin condition.if you have a dry skin yes it is very easily

My 17 year old son will be getting braces soon but he is afraid they will be painful.?

Well I'm 16 you really dont feel any pain your teeth are just sore for a little while for about 3 days and then you get used to it. When it gets farther in your dentist might give him rubber bands ... Read More »