Will I get sick from her?

Answer why is there poop in my toilet?

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Will I get sick from eating expired?

6 month old chicken would do more than smell funny, it would be rancid and you cant wash off that stink.

Will I get sick from eating raw dough?

You won't die when you ate just a little of uncooked dough. Pizza dough is not made with egg anyway. Worst you just get gastrointestinal disorder and with laxative you can get it all out or diarrhe... Read More »

Sick of cooking dinner...will he know i made the meatloaf from ALPO?

Why did you even bother with all that? Do like I do, be out conveniently "running errands" when he arrives home at dinner time. When you get home and he asks what's for dinner, tell him you picked ... Read More »

Can your infant get sick from sick animals?

of course they can! babies dont have a fully working immune system until they are about 7 years old. so if best keep your baby from playing with your dog or cat for a few years......