Will I get sick from eating raw dough?

Answer You won't die when you ate just a little of uncooked dough. Pizza dough is not made with egg anyway. Worst you just get gastrointestinal disorder and with laxative you can get it all out or diarrhe... Read More »

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Can you really get sick from eating raw cookie dough or cake batter?

In theory raw eggs can contain salmonella -however the egg industry is very regulated and the chances are very low. Also if you do eat something with salmonella there is a chance that your immune ... Read More »

Will I get sick from eating expired?

6 month old chicken would do more than smell funny, it would be rancid and you cant wash off that stink.

Will eating a frog make a dog sick?

Frogs may be very poisonous if eaten by a dog, which may require veterinarian care. Frogs and toads have toxins that excrete from the outer skin and when licked may cause adverse side effects, such... Read More »

I have been eating strawberries all afternoon!! Will I get sick?

Probably not. But if you eat too many then you could get some stomache aches and long visits to the bathroom since your stomache may not be as used to that, so it would have a harder time digesting... Read More »