Will I get kicked ouT of P&S?

Answer ..No!I left other categories to be in P&S.Still, my name was there as Top Contributor in Mathematics and Words-wordplay though my contribution has become very limited not because of lack of intere... Read More »

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Who do you think will win American Idol 2010. Please add one to the count under the name of the person you think will win I will remove each person who is kicked off the show.?

I kicked a hole in my wall will i die from breathing after it broke, im will i die from this.?

Yes, yes you will die. Jesus Christ either i'm getting smarter or the world is getting dumber.

I was kicked in the back. Will it recover?

If the pain persists see a doctor. He will order an xray or mri. Nice article about sports related injuries here:…

Will you be kicked out if you fail retraining?

enlisted personnel must service out their enlistment unless there is a dire cause for early release. An officer can resign from service..............