Will I get in trouble with youtube?

Answer No, you can use the pictures, and you don't have to say, "these are from google".Google does not own the pictures, they just collaberate all of the images from websites, and show them to you, witho... Read More »

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Is anyone else having trouble with YouTube?

I have had the same problem for the last couple days on both my Windows desktop and Macbook Pro, but I found something that worked for me. I went in and deleted all my browsing data, ie history, co... Read More »

Can I get in trouble by using Youtube?

By watching/listening to the copyrighted content on, you are violating NO copyright laws. if you are giving away copyrighted material, only THEN are you breaking the law. I dont know ab... Read More »

YouTube trouble help me please?

You have to go to your YouTube settings and beside your profile pic will say "switch to username" or something like that click that and change to your username

Youtube Account Trouble!?

Use the forgot password option to get access to that account. Then go to the video manager, select the video and click "Download MP4" to get it on your computer again. After that, check to make sur... Read More »