Will I get in trouble with youtube?

Answer No, you can use the pictures, and you don't have to say, "these are from google".Google does not own the pictures, they just collaberate all of the images from websites, and show them to you, witho... Read More »

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If I've had trouble with my FAFSA this year, will I likely have trouble with it in the future?

1. Do the worksheet on paper first before you even get online to do it. While filing it out, if you have questions on the form about specific line items call the 800 number and ask about it. Then... Read More »

Is anyone else having trouble with YouTube?

I have had the same problem for the last couple days on both my Windows desktop and Macbook Pro, but I found something that worked for me. I went in and deleted all my browsing data, ie history, co... Read More »

Is there anybody else who is having trouble with youtube tonight?

i know they had big problems yesterday because Pakistan pulled the plug on them for showing anti-Islamic content .somehow this brought youtube down everywhere but i've just tried and had no problem... Read More »

If your sister died 5 years ago and now her 16-year-old daughter lives with her dad in Florida can she move in with you her aunt without her father's consent and will you get into trouble with police?

Answer This question does not make sense to me. It says your sister passed awat 5 years ago, then it says she lives with her dad. Re ask and then maybe i can help you. Answer I am assuming that you... Read More »