Will I get in trouble if I change something on wikipedia but I changed it back?

Answer I understand that Wikipedia has their own police & enforcement squad. ~But maybe they will be lenient because you changed it back.

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If you changed your fb profile pic to a cartoon, change it back, wanna know why?

My daughter has changed the computer screen from horizontal to vertical how do I change it back?

If you have my same VGA card try the following and it should workpress :CTRL + ALT + UP > Normal modeCTRL + ALT + RIGHT> Rotate 270CTRL + ALT + LEFT> Rotate 90CTRL + ALT + DOWN > Rotate 180If it di... Read More »

The default search engine in Chrome changed to Yahoo, how do I change it back to Google?

Okay. Up top on the far right side click on the three little bars.Then click settings.Scroll down to search.Click the little thumb nail on search.Then select Google.

Lo i changed wikipedia did anyone notice?