Will I get dry socket Help?

Answer 1. you know you will have dry socket because of the unbearable pain, also you will be able to see that the blood clot has dislodge from the socket.2. Good oral hygiene and don't rinse too much, all... Read More »

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I'm scared of dry socket help?

Your risk for dry socket is very low because you had a top tooth removed.Just follow your dentists instructions and you'll be fine. Your gums have nothing to do with dry socket, you get dry socket ... Read More »

Will an am2+ cpu work in am2 socket?

Dude, that's a really old CPU is it not?I would just suggest spending like... 400-500 on a new PC, it will be more worth your time. Or if you think you could, try and build your own machine. I just... Read More »

Will socket AM2 fit a 462 board?

An AMD AM2 processor is not compatible with a Socket 462 (sometimes called Socket A) motherboard. The AM2 processor requires the AM2 or AM2+ Socket, which replaced the previously used Socket 939 & ... Read More »

My eyes stuck in my eye socket !HELP How do I get it out!?

Jab it with a fork and get it stuck in there good then rip it out!