Will I get arthritis?

Answer The popping of the knuckles has already tightened up the muscles in your fingers to cause them to be anything other than straight. They can be freed back up to get them back to normal but it's a t... Read More »

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Will cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?

Cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis nor any other damage to the joints in your fingers. The "cracking" you hear when you press your knuckles is the fluid moving in your joints.Source:Ar... Read More »

If arthritis has affected the left knee will it affect other joints over a period of time?

it depends it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid?....osteoarthritis can start in an old injury doesn't" spread " per say , but most folks will end up with it in several places if they live lo... Read More »

Will cracking you knuckles give you arthritis in later life or is this just an old wives tale?

I think it is an old wives tale - but anyone that does it near me will find themselves coming out in bruises on other parts of their anatomy as I beat them senseless in an effort to make them stop!... Read More »

Will a hairline fracture in your left ring finger just beyond the joint cause any future complications such as arthritis?

Answer The fracture by itself won't cause arthritis. However, if you start to develop arthritis, there's a good chance that the fracture may be one of the places it affects first.