How to Get a Boyfriend on Your First Year of Middle School?

Answer Boys are usually uncomfortable in the first year of middle school. And you might be, too! But, to get your guy, you will have to be ready for middle school, too.

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How to Be a Good Boyfriend at School?

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How to Be a Good Boyfriend in Middle School?

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How do I convince my 18 year old boyfriend that drinking alcohol is not good for him?

Get him to try ecstasy, crystal meth or crack instead. Those don't affect blood sugar levels, as far as I know.

What can you do if you're 17 and pregnant and have graduated high school and have lived with your boyfriend for a year and you want to get married but your mom won't sign the papers?

Answerin this case there is nothing that you can do other than waiting till your 18 and you can do it on your own. AnswerRun away to some other country maybe, or just wait it out. (That's what I'm... Read More »