Will I get a black eye?

Answer It should be fine, it's only when you get hit hard you will notice bruising around the eye, perhaps you could put ice or a flannel on it to help ease the pain and stop it swelling up. good luck

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Do black tattoos fade at all, or will they still be nice and black well into the future?

If i have colored ink only and want to print a black and white text will it come out black and white?

It depends. The answer is Yes if the printer doesn't normally have a black ink cartridge. If it normally does have one it will probably not be black and white.Just a quick why. Some printers mak... Read More »

If the father white and mother is black will their baby be black or white?

Opinion Black, because black is dominant to white. In some cases though the baby will be a lighter color of black, like more of a brown.  Opinion I am not sure I understand the question? Do you me... Read More »

Will my hair go black if I dye it blue?

Due to the fact that your hair is dirty BLONDE, it'll come out normal, maybe just a little bit darker than neon blue. :-) Good luck!