Will I gain weight if I eat this diet?

Answer That is okay for one day, but you have to change it up everyday. Exercise is also vital in determining your weight.

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Will this make me gain weight?

you wont get fat, it takes long periods of eating to gain a lot of weight. if you are still concerned just drink water and eat salad or something healthy.

Will i gain weight by eating this?

Try gaining weight by eating a little bit healthier. Such as eating loads of protein. Especially meats, just not red meats. You can also take a supplement usually taken by people trying to build mu... Read More »

Will I gain weight if I eat like this a lot?

Yes you will, but a lot of it is crap food and not a healthy way to improve your weight.Dune

Will this diet help me lose weight?

Your breakfast is good, with wholemeal toast or weetabix. Also, a snack of fruit.Are you vegetarian that you don't have any protein included? Or even vegan?If you are not vegetarian, then you need ... Read More »