Will I gain weight if I eat like this a lot?

Answer Yes you will, but a lot of it is crap food and not a healthy way to improve your weight.Dune

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Will i gain weight by eating this?

Try gaining weight by eating a little bit healthier. Such as eating loads of protein. Especially meats, just not red meats. You can also take a supplement usually taken by people trying to build mu... Read More »

Will this make me gain weight?

you wont get fat, it takes long periods of eating to gain a lot of weight. if you are still concerned just drink water and eat salad or something healthy.

Will I gain weight if I eat this diet?

That is okay for one day, but you have to change it up everyday. Exercise is also vital in determining your weight.

WILL i lose weight like this?

Unfortunately no, you can not lose weight eating chocolate everyday. It is high in fat and sugar. You don't have to give up chocolate completely but limit yourself to maybe once or twice a week. Al... Read More »