Will I finish download my torrent even if it has zero seeder and only 4 leechers?

Answer I don't think so. If there are no seeders and more leechers I don't think you can complete it. Please seed it if you fortunately can complete.

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What are "seeders" and "leechers" when searching Bit torrent files?

seeders are people who have already downloaded the file and are uploading them the more seeders the faster the download will goleechers are people who are sharing what they have and are downloading... Read More »

Are torrent safe to download am i allowing to copy my data to others by installing torrent?

If you mean torrent software then yes. Your'e not allowing to copy your data unless you share some of it using your torrent software.

How to Use Bit Torrent to Download?

BitTorrent is the original free software--and still among the most popular--to download music, movies, software and other files online. The BitTorrent client connects your computer to computers all... Read More »

If i download doctor who on torrent...?

Probably.  The TV stations that are showing it around the world have been hosting it on their online viewing pages since it aired on Saturday night on the BBC.  Check your local station that will... Read More »