Will technology ever take over humanity?

Answer Technology.may surpass humanity,But, it takes a human to service,these devices.

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Do you think one man crews will ever go over with the railroad?

Think they will and that they are about to. I think the next national contract between the BLE and the NCCC will be one man crews. I think the UTU will pay dearly for allowing RCO agreements.You ... Read More »

Im 13 and over wieght i wana know if a guy will ever like me?

First of all don't ever listen to people who aren't the absolute kindest to you, being what is conventionally overweight doesn't make you any less beautiful. You have to like you how you look and I... Read More »

If you over exercise and it has effected your heart, will you ever recover?

The Heart, is a muscle, and you the diagnostic, never over do an exercise.

Do you ever wonder why you watch the same movie(s) over and over again?

Some of them I just love certain parts and can't wait to see them again or the scenery and effects are stunning or I didn't understand the whole thing the first time or the main character is someon... Read More »