Will this woman..ever go away....?

Answer Obviously not! Can't no one tell her that she has no talent!!!People who love her more if they freezed her and put her in a shop windows pointing upwards, as thats all shes good for!Edit: Wow, that... Read More »

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Will the 1980s sitcom Out of This World ever be put on DVD?

Maybe it was not popular enough to be considered for that.

Will the Lone Star Steak House in Southern Pines, North Carolina ever be the same after last night?

Not sure about the steakhouse itself but there are at least 50 patrons that will never be the same without more therapy than most insurance providers are good for! I heard they were taking the bar... Read More »

If 10 ppl answer this, I will go outside RIGHT now (10:50 pm) and jog (for the first time ever)?

Im the 37th who answered you, so u might have to jog til dusk! :-) GO! RUN!

Will this charlatan ever give a straight answer to anything?

Now look Barrie... I'm gonna dribble on for a while now Barrie... it's important that everyone knows that Barrie... but my point is this Barrie... I'm not gonna answer the question that you asked B... Read More »