How to Be the Best Girlfriend Ever in Middle School?

Answer How do you be the best girlfriend ever to your boyfriend? Well, here's how!

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Has Carlton ever had a girlfriend on fresh prince?

MEN: Would you ever be open to sharing your wife/girlfriend?

This is an EXCELLENT question, because so many guys find the idea of a threesome or orgy fascinating. It works better on porn than in real life however.When I was in my 20's, my ex and I were best... Read More »

Guys: would you ever wear makeup for your girlfriend?

My ex boyfriend used to :P We were together for 3 years, so that is probably why. lolBQ: Kitties! (*******) ;)yes lol

What if your girlfriend is pregnant and will be 17 when she gives birth and you will be 19 and her parents are OK with it and not mad. should you still be worried about statutory rape charges?

Depends on what the law in your state say. They don't care about when she gives birth, they care about when you had sex since that is the crime. The parents might be OK with it but if it is statuto... Read More »