Will chowder ever love panini?

Answer He could but right now he thinks girls are icky. But have wishful thinking.

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Will my dad ever find out?

Uh yeah... he gets a credit card statement once a month that says eveything that the credit card was used for. He WILL find out.And by the way, usuing someones credit card without their permission... Read More »

Will I ever find the time to do my ironing?

More to the point, will you ever find time to do MINE? It's piling up here, get a move on will you?

Will we ever find a cure for cancer?

no offense BUT WAKE THE **** upStop listening to the BS propaganda .. its all in the name of profit.. its quite obvious.. due to BS politics which got into medicine.. you can just take the hope out... Read More »

Will Flapjack ever find Candied Island?

well he almost did in two episodes the first when they found candy wishes but kunucles blew it and the second time is when they saw it but the gravity :(