How to Find out Whether a Girl Loves You or Is Just Being a Good Friend?

Answer Want to know if that girl likes you for real or is just being a good friend? Read on.

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My girl friend doesn't like having sex and she barley ever feels like dong it with me and just hates sexx?

She needs to go to counselling, it honestly feels like she had sexual abuse which could be mentally blocking her into not liking it, It can extremely destroy any desire, I would be very supportive ... Read More »

My girl friend might be pregnant i m 15 shes 13 my mother will never speak to me again if she is what should I do?

Answer Why didn't you use a condom? Im 13 my mom would make me get rid of the baby. Altho she would probly would not at you but if you really love ur girlfriend and her mom knows that I'm sure it w... Read More »

How do you tell your parents that you're pregnant at 15 with a guy you barely know. My best friend said he will help me and we will find a way but I don't know if I can do this?

Hang in there First of all, you can do this and you will. I know it seems like a terribly difficult situation, with no easy answers, but understand that many, many young girls face the identical ... Read More »

Will my dad ever find out?

Uh yeah... he gets a credit card statement once a month that says eveything that the credit card was used for. He WILL find out.And by the way, usuing someones credit card without their permission... Read More »