Will I die if I scan my face?

Answer Nope! XD It's usually a xenon or flourescent light bulb. A scanner receives information through light sensors.. no radiation!P.

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I know this sounds really stupid but how do i scan my face onto the computer?

I'm assuming you have a good reason for not taking a photograph with a digital still camera, like you want that face pressed up against the glass effect with outside light streaming it etc. Why not... Read More »

Is it okay to leave your eyes open while you scan your face?

thinking abt it was probably not the best idea to keep ur eyes open. Just like I have gotten told pointing at lazor pointer into someones eye isnt a good thing because one could go blind...come to ... Read More »

Is it okay to scan your face on a scanner while your eyes are open?

It is okay.At least is not as dangerous as trying to fax your penis...

Can I scan my face with my eyes open as long as I don't look directly at the light?

Its ok, if you can stand the light (somehow I think you might enjoy it.) keep your eyes open......if you can catch the right angle you get a weird effect....