Will I die if I eat an AAA battery?

Answer Yes.You will also die if you don't. What you eat may or may not affect the timing of your death.

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Thermostat read low battery, replaced battery and ac will not comeback on.?

I just wish I was living where you are, needing AC!!Make sure batteries are charged. Where is the manual.

Will a pandora battery work as a regular battery?

On One Hand: Irregular SizeThe Pandora Battery's irregular size prevents most electronics from working with it. Other than a PSP, there aren't any electronics that would be able to use the Pandora ... Read More »

Will a 3.6V battery replace a 3.7V battery on cameras?

Yes, 3.7V and 3.6V are the volts of lithium battery cells, and one is Li-ion battery cell and the other is lithium polymer battery cell. Both of them can be called as lithium batteries

IBM R32 Battery Will Not Charge?

The IBM R32 Thinkpad laptop first came out in 2002 while IBM still manufactured the Thinkpads. In 2005, IBM sold the Thinkpad product line to Lenovo, who now manufactures and supports all Thinkpads... Read More »