Will I die from it>?

Answer Dentists and oral surgeons in my state are required to be certified to administer IV sedation. They ARE experts at administering IV sedation if they went through the certification process.Ask your... Read More »

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I kicked a hole in my wall will i die from breathing after it broke, im will i die from this.?

Yes, yes you will die. Jesus Christ either i'm getting smarter or the world is getting dumber.

I will be visiting canada from uk will my dvd work on their machine?

A DVD bought in the UK will be Region 2 whereas North America (Canada and USA) are Region 1. This means that your DVDs won't play in their machine unless they have a multi region DVD player. You ... Read More »

Will be purchasing a color laser printer, but will be using infrequently, any tips to save ink from drying out?

Laser printers don't use and ink base medium. They use a very fine dry powder toner. You will not have to worry about it drying up.

Statement :oboma states" college students will get a loan from the govt.but they will serve duty.?

I got an Obama campaign flyer in the mail and it said that the money would be a $4000 'TAX CREDIT' for students to use for education. This means that if you pay over $4000 per year in taxes that y... Read More »