Will I be electrocuted if I soak my foot in water while on the computer?

Answer I would say no... but the possibily is real and is there... so your choice .. you die if it happens. I would not take the chance.

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My dad is 6 foot and my mom is 5 foot 5 inches while i am 13 and i am 5 foot 1 inch how tall will i be?

Whoever has answered this question has answered it wrong. You can never correctly predict the height of any person because the height of the person depends on the proper functioning of the gene mak... Read More »

If I soak my lips in salt water, will they shrink?

they'll probably just sting like hell if you have dry lips. why would you do that in the first place?

Can you get electrocuted if you touch the hardware of the PC while it's with the power turned on ?

It wouldn't be easy! The only high voltage in your computer is in the power supply, and that is sealed in a metal box. That box in the corner that the power cord plugs into. If you open that box... Read More »

What happen to baby when you experience electrocuted while pregnant?

Unless it is a very power full shock, nothing, won't even be aware of it