URGENT: Can I text anywhere within Canada if I have unlimited texting with Rogers?

Answer Yukon Territory is part of Canada so it should be free but I suggest you read your plan carefully. I have not seen any unlimited plans that rogers offers lately.

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If i turn off iMessage will it cost me i have unlimited texting and data?

Nope it runs with your unlimited text messaging. So your safe to turn off your i iMessaging

Will I get charged for Wifi tethering when I have unlimited data 2gb plan for T Mobile?

No but it wont stay at 4g. They will lower the speed for it. The speed will be lowered before you hit your 2gb cap. It will go back up after your done with heavy use of the data.

Do you get unlimited internet with unlimited texting on iPhone 3G?

yes there is unlimited texting on the iPhone 3gs and the iPhone 4.There is unlimited texting on all iPhones.

If you have unlimited texting, do you get ChaCha answers for free?

chacha answers me for free on here all the time, sometimes she hits me up for sexual favors though, i don't mind