Will I be affected by this?

Answer You might get eyestrain and/or headaches, it would be better to take occasional breaks. If you do this routinely, it might hurt your social skills.

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How has 9/11 affected air travel?

The main effect of 9/11 on travel has been the implementation of new, heightened security measures. Random searches, shoe removal and, most recently, full body X-ray scanners are all things that pa... Read More »

Have you ever been affected by cancer?

Yes. My son was diagnosed at 17 with a rare and aggressive form of sarcoma called dsrct. He survived three excellent years but passed away when we ran out of treatment options around the first of t... Read More »

How has Swine Flu affected you?

Worse than you can imagine. I hate swine flu, you lose all your energy trying to do anything. Why does life have to suck so much.

How has consumer behavior affected TV ads?

In recent years, products such as TiVo and Internet downloads have changed the way people look at TV, and ads on TV are changing to keep up with those trends.BannersBecause people can skip ads with... Read More »