Will I be able to taste again?

Answer Haha yeah, don't worry. Your taste buds just overloaded with taste, so it'll take a little for them to get back to normal. Maybe a couple hours, but no more than a couple days max

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Will you be able to get pregnant again if you've had an abortion?

Will we never be able to play Google Guitar again?

Had to drop classes...will I be able to get money from FAFSA again?

FAFSA doesn't actually give money. It's just a way to verify how much money your family makes and can contribute to your cost of education. Think of it like the difference between a credit check (t... Read More »

Will a patient be able to live a normal life again after kidney transplant?

Assuming the transplant goes well, then yes. The patient will likely have to take anti-rejection drugs forever, but other than that it should be fine.