Will I be able to scan a paper on to my computer and then edit it?

Answer If its hand written then you will have problems but if it has been typed or printed off of a computer then you should be able to use something called Omni Character Recognition (OCR) which will tra... Read More »

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What software do i need to be able to scan a document and then be able to edit it on my monitor?

If you have a scanner put it in and use the software that came with it! A scanner produces a picture and it wont be editable for starts! You would need OCR or word recognition software.

How do i scan a document and then be able to edit the text?

Most answers here are off. Scan the document and SAVE it as a jpeg hi-res.Now you can download FreeOCR, install it. Open your scan documents in it and click on OCR. It will change it to text that c... Read More »

Is there a way I can scan a document then edit it using word ?

As has already been said, you need to scan your document using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.Here's a link to one of the very few free ones. It's called SimpleOCR v3.1, and it can s... Read More »

I have a 300 page hardcopy that I need to scan, edit and then transform into pdf for publishing. What do I do?

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