Will I be Okay?

Answer ya man, you need to listen to your doctor. You will be fine.

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Is it okay if lettuce is brown Will I be okay?

I agree with the first answerer. A LITTLE bit of brown isn't so bad, but it is a sign that the lettuce is turning! It would be one thing if you were talking about lettuce you had in your fridge a... Read More »

Will I be okay (asap)?

There is no such thing as a useful cough mixture as all good doctors are well aware. Basically there are 2 types:Expectorants which make you cough. These rely on the misconception that they will he... Read More »

Will my phone be okay?

No. I had an Iphone 4s, and dropped it in a cup of sprite once. I immediately put it in a bag of rice, and I made it last for an extra day. But the next day, it crashed and erased all my files. Sor... Read More »

Will my knee be okay?

You might want to get it checked if this persists. Try icing it 15 minutes on and off for about an hour and see if it helps. When you are doing things that put pressure on your knee, try wearing a ... Read More »