Will I Be Bottlenecking at All?

Answer Most likely, just switch the processor to an i3 2100. Although it's not leaps and bounds better than a 965 it will reduce the bottleneck. Good train of thought though. Assuming you're not doing vid... Read More »

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Is there a way to tell if your CPU is bottlenecking your video card?

Yes-anything is possibleP.S. Velociraptor's are scary.

Will you grow anymore if you're 16 and 5'0'' and will you always be petite or will that change if you gain weight?

Answer If you are a girl you may grow another inch or two but not much more than that. Putting on weight will just make you fat, and when you are petite every extra pound will show. Answer Hello... Read More »

Laptop will not connect, but my pc will. both on wireless network. laptop has dns error and will not verify ip?

Go to Control Panel > Network Connection > Make sure wireless network is enabled.

Explain what happens when cps puts you in foster care like will you get to bring your clothes and stuff with you will I be able to see my older sister and will I get to keep in contact with friends?

AnswerHoney, I'm sorry that you have to be in this situation. Don't worry you will be able to bring your clothes with you if your parents allow it. But if they don't CPS will get you clothes, and n... Read More »