Will Hot shot bug spray damage lawn?

Answer Any of the aerosol pest sprays will often have a oil base to them and kill grass unless the label specifies otherwise. I would not recommend spraying it on the lawn.

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If I raise my wheels on my lawn mower to the highest it can go, will it make my lawn nice and lush?

Mowing height depends on the type of grass. The rule of thumb is to set your mower blade to the correct height for your type of grass and never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. That generall... Read More »

Grub Damage & Lawn Re-Establishment?

White grubs are larvae of a beetle that burrows underground and feeds on the grass roots for one to three years depending on the type of beetle grub and the gestation period. After the damage to la... Read More »

How do i make insect spray for a lawn?

Ingredients2 Peppers such as Hababeros or Cayennes1 cup of watergallon jugstrainerwater to fill jugglovesblenderliquid soapMaking the SprayCut the peppers up in chunks and add to blender with 1 cup... Read More »

Will my physical body have damage even though I dont feel any pain when I subject it to damage?

obviouslyit hurts the body..not the soul, and soul controls only your emotions n has nothing to do with physical body!