Will Hot shot bug spray damage lawn?

Answer Any of the aerosol pest sprays will often have a oil base to them and kill grass unless the label specifies otherwise. I would not recommend spraying it on the lawn.

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How often should you spray your lawn for weeds?

According to both the University of Minnesota and Colorado State University Extension programs, you should spray your lawn for weeds twice a year. Pre-emergence herbicide should be applied in the s... Read More »

How to Protect Your Lawn From Insect Damage?

Caring for your lawn means watering, mowing and regularly checking for insect infestations. Insects can suck nutrients from the grass, destroy roots and eventually kill the lawn. Some insects may p... Read More »

Grub Damage & Lawn Re-Establishment?

White grubs are larvae of a beetle that burrows underground and feeds on the grass roots for one to three years depending on the type of beetle grub and the gestation period. After the damage to la... Read More »

How do i make insect spray for a lawn?

Ingredients2 Peppers such as Hababeros or Cayennes1 cup of watergallon jugstrainerwater to fill jugglovesblenderliquid soapMaking the SprayCut the peppers up in chunks and add to blender with 1 cup... Read More »