Will Grass Grow Where Moss Has Grown?

Answer Lawn moss takes advantage of lawns that have low pH ranges. Moss prefers to grow in a pH range between 5.0 to 5.5, according to Rutgers University. Grass needs a pH range between 6.0 to 7.0. Theref... Read More »

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Will putting hay over freshly planted grass help hold moisture and still let enough sun in for grass to grow?

Hay spread thinly will help, but your best bet is straw. It is not as heavy and also won't hold seeds from left over weeds like hay does.

Will Irish moss grow in sand?

Irish moss will grow well in sand. It requires well-drained, sandy soil to thrive. Often, landscapers plant Irish moss between flagstones or along rock covered pathways to create the illusion of a ... Read More »

Where does peat moss grow?

Peat moss is found in the North America taiga, where the weather is very cold and receives approximately 12 to 33 inches of rain per year. The North American tiaga covers the northern parts of the ... Read More »

Will grass grow on top of crushed limestone?

Grass will grow on top of crushed limestone, which is completely natural and provides needed nutrients to lawns. Having too much limestone will raise pH levels too high, overwhelming the lawn and c... Read More »