Will Google ruthlessly crush the morons operating Yahoo corp (NASDQ: YHOO)?

Answer Although google and yahoo are at almost stalemates for pagehits ( ), YaHoo doesn't appear to be moving forward with any major deals or new innovations. So yes, in time, google will be in ... Read More »

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When Yahoo files for bankruptcy, will you consider hiring any of the morons who claim experience at Yahho?

They made 512 million after tax profit in 2007 - they are no where near going bankrupt

Why is my Yahoo stock (YHOO) tanking?

Yahoo has actually been stagnate for several years now. The reason why you saw a peak was because Earnings Season started in October. The previous quarter was a good one for Yahoo, which led to th... Read More »

If google and yahoo get married, what will be their children names?

Will things get worse, now that google has pulled the plug on yahoo?

I haven't heard about that, but I'm sure if things can get any worse, they probably will!