Will Gold Seal blades make you jump higher?

Answer Gold Seal blades, blades for ice skates, are manufactured and distributed by John Wilson Skates. The company makes no claim that the blades will help an ice skater jump higher. The distinctive feat... Read More »

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Can putting springs on your shoes make you jump higher?

Springs can make you jump higher, but it takes more than attaching the usual coiled springs to the soles of your shoes to do so. Shoes designed for rebounding have special, high-tension, oval-shape... Read More »

How to Jump Higher?

Jumping is an important skill for many athletes. This article will cover ways in which you can improve your vertical jumping ability. (For information on how to improve your general jumping techniq... Read More »

How to Jump Higher for Volleyball?

So you are trying to improve your jumping ability for Volleyball and you do not know where to start? Well, let this article provide you to step into the right direction to help you jump higher.

How to Get a Pike Jump Higher?

The cheerleading pike jump is a powerful, yet basic, move. Like all cheerleading jumps, the pike requires strength, flexibility and endurance. To add height to your pike jump, you can benefit from ... Read More »