Will Gibberellic Acid Affect Seed Germination?

Answer Gibberellic acid is a hormone produced by plants. It influences plant growth by stimulating cell elongation and division. It is also instrumental in breaking seed dormancy and triggering germinatio... Read More »

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Does the amount of light a seed is exposed to affect seed germination?

yes it does. the less light the seed has will either make the seed take longer to germinate or not germinate at all.Answerit really depends on the type of seed. some seeds like watermelon and tomat... Read More »

Does the type of soil in which the seed is planted affect seed germination?

Can weather conditions affect seed germination?

Weather conditions do affect the success of seed germination. Seeds will break their dormancy and begin germination under only the optimum conditions. If temperatures get too high or too low, then ... Read More »

Science Fair Projects: Does Radiation Affect Seed Germination?

The process of germination is when a baby plant bursts through its seed and develops its first leaves. The seed's hard shell protects the plant's embryo from external threats, such as ice-cold temp... Read More »