Will Getting All F's Affect My Student Aid?

Answer Talk to your Financial Aid Office ASAP, and notify them that you are going through all of this. Depending on the college, MOST colleges have the exception that if you have medical issues or other t... Read More »

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Does cosigning for a student loan affect getting student loans myself?

It could affect your ability to get other credit-based loans. Your liability for this debt may be included in computing your debt-to-income ratio and may prevent you from getting approval for other... Read More »

What affect does student lounges have on kids?

gold spoon, bent spoon, dumb coon, academic costume broom etc.

Factors That Affect a Student's Sleeping Habits?

Sleep is important to all students who want to achieve success in school, especially in college. To optimize their academic lives, students need to address their nighttime sleeping habits. Factors ... Read More »

Does bad credit affect student debt consolidation?

On One Hand: Yes It Does.Your credit score affects any loan you apply for. Bad credit can mean paying higher interest, increased late fees and/or annual usage fees. Very bad credit, if it doesn't g... Read More »