Will Frost Damage Asparagus Plants?

Answer The Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board calls asparagus "one of nature's most perfect foods." This healthful vegetable has no cholesterol or fat and is high in vitamins B6, A, C and thiamine. It's a ... Read More »

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How to Prevent Frost Damage to Potted Plants?

Frost damage can kill a plant, and potted plants especially are susceptible because their roots have less soil around them to hold in warmth. The surest way to prevent frost damage on potted plant... Read More »

When will asparagus plants spears grow?

Plant asparagus in early spring once soil is workable. Use one-year-old crowns, or seedlings, purchased from a reputable nursery. Asparagus spears first appear in March or April. Do not harvest as... Read More »

Will frost hurt onion plants?

Young onion plants are resistant to frost, according to information from North Dakota State University. The best onions grow in cooler temperatures when young and then in warmer conditions as the o... Read More »

Will covering potted plants with mulch help during a frost?

Mulching around the sides of a potted plant with sawdust or bark can help protect it from frost. Other methods include wrapping the pot in blankets, burlap or bubble wrap. If it is not too large to... Read More »