Will Facebook Become a Paysite?

Answer I have also heard the same rumor. It is untrue. They make their money through advertising. If they do sell even the company that buys Facebook would be foolish to change it to a pay site. If you w... Read More »

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On facebook, they always have photos of sick babies saying for every share, facebook will pay a dollar.?

i don't share them, never have, but i think whe you do you share all of your profile, email and personal information with them and they can either steal your identity or get your email and sell it ... Read More »

In what year will nasa will become starfleet?

NASA doesn't ever become star fleet, NASA was probably destroyed during the eugenics wars, and even if it wasn't it would have first mixed together with the various other space programs of earth(so... Read More »

How to become un-addicted to facebook?

I'd delete it. Or I'd do what some friends did (around the beginning of Lent). They posted with an update about how they were giving it up. And naturally, they haven't logged on. Of course, you'd h... Read More »

How to Become Popular on Facebook?

Ever wanted to know what you can do to become popular on Facebook? This is the article for you!