Will FAT32 External Drive work on Mac?

Answer FAT format is for tiny flash drives. It is an out-dated format no longer supported by Microsoft. It has the fault of a small number of clusters, so on large drive volumes, the cluster size grows to... Read More »

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Will Windows XP recognize Maxtor external hard drive formatted Fat32?

A Maxtor external hard drive formatted with the FAT32 file system is fully compatible with Windows XP. All of Microsoft XP's bundled disk tools and device drivers will work with FAT32.References:Mi... Read More »

How do I format a FAT32 external drive?

FAT32 drives are a type of disk architecture that organizes files into different regions and tables. To format an external FAT32-based drive, open "My Computer" on your desktop, then right-click th... Read More »

External USB Drive FAT32 Format Tool?

The ability to format an external USB hard drive provides a key function in restoring the default free space on the item. This in turn provides a method to erase a portable drive for reuse without ... Read More »

Can I reformat my external drive that is FAT32?

You would have to save everything to the orig hard drive and the reformat it to NTFS...NTFS is better at security and file structure...if you decide can format it after you have ... Read More »