Will Ethan become a vampire in the season finalie in your babysitter is a vampire?

Answer Yes Eventually I hope he would look hot as a vampire or fledgling Wrote By: jessabell14 I hope so it would make it even more likely for Sarah and Ethan to become bf/gf (which i would like) and al... Read More »

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What vampire movies would you advise to an adult who doesn't understand the story behind the vampire.?

Dracula, I forget who directed it. Bit there was one made in the mid 90s that went through the original story of the first vampire. Vlad the Impailer was a big inspiration for the author that wrote... Read More »

Why cant i get my avatar to show up correctly sum generic vampire for the game shows up to everyone else as my vampire?

When does the vampire diaries 1st season come out on DVD?

August 23rd in the UK but no US release date has been announced yet.

Who dies at the end of Vampire Diaries season 1?

in the books it Elena but the tv show doesnt follow the books that much....