Will English Ivy Kill Trees?

Answer Although English Ivy is a beautiful evergreen, it is an invasive pest that can smother other plants -- even trees -- denying them sun and potentially destroying them if it grows unchecked. ... Read More »

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What will kill worms on lemon trees?

Worms on lemon trees come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from the orange dog caterpillar to citrus leaf miners. There are just as many choices of natural and biological remedies to kill the w... Read More »

Will black walnut trees harm incense cedar trees?

Black walnut trees will not harm incense cedar trees. Varieties of cedar are resistant to juglone, which is a phytotoxin that the black walnut tree emits in its roots, leaves and bark.References:La... Read More »

Will Crabapple Trees Pollinate Other Fruit Trees?

A member of the genus Malus and a close relative of the apple, the crabapple is often used as an ornamental landscape tree. Although not useful for pollinating nonapple species such as peaches or p... Read More »

How to Kill Ash Trees?

Ash trees need proper care, such as pruning every four years, to maintain their structure and form, according to Colorado State University. Failure to properly care for an ash tree can contribute t... Read More »