Will Dry Brushing Get Rid of Scars?

Answer Many of us develop scars as a result of a healed wound. They can often be unsightly and an annoying problem that we wish could go away. There are many methods of reducing the appearance of scars,... Read More »

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Will this brushing habit remove ALL stains on teeth overtime?

it will go after a lot of time many be not to perfect levels but they will go. This takes time so remember brush 3 minute, two times a day (But it many be useful to invest in high quality toothpaste)

Brushing teeth with baking soda.. how much should you do it and when will you see results?

Will I get any scars?

Vaseline might help them heal faster and reduce scarring. Vitamin E Oil and Bio-Oil help tremendously with scars. Vitamin oil is cheap at a dollar store, whereas Bio-Oil is $12 for a small bottle. ... Read More »

Will my scars go away :(?

Hello there! That was pretty simple. Go to drugstores, then ask for some cream and lotion that contains Vitamin E. It will surely heal.